Tanah Tumpah Darahku

Where is Kundasang exactly?…

Kundasang is in the State of Sabah on the northern end of the island of Borneo. It is located between the entrance to Kinabalu Park and the village of Ranau. When you click on the map you get an idea where it is located.

Kundasang is easy to reach. Just follow the road from the capital of Sabah: Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park. Follow this road towards Ranau and you can’t miss seeing the market of Kundasang on your left hand side.

One thing u’ve enjoy a lot was walk around and take a look at all the different things they were selling. Visitor from Sweden said “So many things we don’t have in Sweden. I was amazed by some of the fruits, some of them I had never seen before in my life.”

You can find a lot of these fruit markets along the way, but the one in Kundasang is really big. These markets are great places to stock up on some fresh fruits as a snack during the day and evening. Delicious!

Pida really welcomes you to visit KUNDASANG! Jom cuti-cuti Malaysia!! Hehehhh…


One response

  1. malas

    prtama kali aku pegi kundasang..tp rse mcm bru smalam aku pegi.cantik….sgt cantik..wlaupun aku kt semenanjung tp hati aku trselit kt celah2 bukit bakau kt kundasang..stu ari nanti aku akn pegi ke kundasang smule….ermmmmmm.

    05/10/2007 at 9:44 AM

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