Poring Hot Springs Ranau

Located 39 kilometers northward is the Park’s station at Poring Hot Springs. Chartering is virtually the only way to get there. You can soak yourself in the skin-curative properties of a hot sulphur bath, take the various trails leading through rich lowland forest, mountain streams and waterfalls towards the bat caves. Do some bird watching along the way through your binoculars. There is also a playing field and volleyball court if you are game-inclined.

At the Poring Hot Springs, if you are lucky you may see a Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, in bloom. You can also visit the Orchid garden that contains a wide selection of the local species, some of which are endemic to the area and very rare. Butterflies and moths are also seen around the area. Make your way gingerly along the swaying tree top canopy walkway. You will be rewarded with new insights of the tropical forest and eye-to-eye view of its tree top denizens. Look down, and you will probably see and iridescent cloud, a host of butterflies hovering below you, their fluttering burnished many-coloured wings reflecting the sunlight filtering through the verdant forest leaves.

~ jom cuti-cuti dcni! best…. ;p ~


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