The Kinabalu Park

Covering 754 squares kilometers, the Kinabalu Park is one of the greatest attractions of Sabah. Within its boundaries are found the lowland rain-forest of the tropical zone as its lower level, the mountain oaks and fig trees, the rhododendron shrubs and wild berries of the temperate zone at its medium level, and the conifers and other alpine-like associations of the summit zone at its upper level. It is there no wonder that a good number of its visitors are nature lovers eager to study, record and enjoy its richly varied natural resources.

The Park also has this “away-from-it-all” cool serenity that offers a much needed rest for the tired businessman. It offers the highest mountain in South East Asia to challenge the ambitious mountaineer, and ever-changing grandeur- the magic of sunrise as the stark majesty of the mountain appears before you in the brightening sky, only to be quickly hidden behind a cloudy shroud billowing upward from the lowland forest, or the sky awashed in the wondrous colours of sunset.


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